Ruth Reader

Ballet At Tandem

[caption id="attachment_145" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Photograph by Karli Cadel"][/caption]


“You’re late!” A thin muscular man calls out, his chin pointed high in the air with dissatisfaction.

A young lady joins a string of other young women lined up at Tandem’s wooden bar. Each is dressed in some variation of stretch pants and a tee-shirt; some are barefoot, some in socks. The man lowers his chin and takes a tall stance, “Okay, let’s start with pliés.” This weekend as part of Bushwick Open Studios, men and women found themselves clamoring for a spot at Tandem’s bar, or should we say barre, for a ballet class hosted by Movement Research. Taught by long time dancer and choreographer Greg Zuccolo, the class was a surprisingly vigorous two hour full of tondués, rond de jambs, and pirouettes.