Is Rob Ford Addicted to Power?

If power is Ford’s vice, then it’s no wonder he’s unwilling to step down from his post. That’s like asking a heroin addict to stop cold turkey.

Nov 19 2013 Ruth Reader

How to Make Software That's Green

CEO Brian Jamison explains that the cloud's energy problem isn't just inefficient hardware.

Nov 3 2013 Ruth Reader

Researchers Say Nano Servers Are the Future of Cloud Technology

A rack of servers on a single chip.

Oct 13 2013  Ruth Reader

Men Cheat More Because They Have a Stronger Sexual Impulse, Claims Study

But are we so sure they even cheat more?

Sep 22 2013 Ruth Reader

Study Finds Hookah Tobacco Less Toxic Than Cigarette Tobacco

But you may want to hold the party favors.

Sep 8 2013  Ruth Reader

Scientists Can Turn Scar Tissue Into a Beating Human Heart

The key to solving the heart disease epidemic may not be finding an alternative heart, but repairing the original.

Aug 22 2013  Ruth Reader

One Son's Guilt Over Not Visiting His Parents Enough Birthed the Most Depressing Website Ever

How often will you see your parents before they're dead?

Jul 24 2013  Ruth Reader

Next Year, 3D Printers May Finally Make Something You Want to Keep

With an important patent expiring in February, a new breed of 3D printing will be open to the public.

Jul 23 2013  Ruth Reader

Fly Girls (and Boys): 'The Fly Room' Opens Up a Pioneering DNA Lab in Film and Architecture

Alexis Gambis, who founded the Imagine Science Film Festival after getting his PhD in genetics and a masters in film, has reconstructed the legendary fruit fly laboratory where many modern-day genetics discoveries were made.

Jul 22 2013  Ruth Reader

The Long Tail of Roswell: A Brief History of Our Most Famous Aliens

 The highlights of the history of the most renowned alien landing in pop culture.

Jul 11 2013  Ruth Reader

The Biggest Dead Zones in America's Waterways

Getting personal with America’s largest dead zones.

Jul 2 2013  Ruth Reader

But Is It Whistleblowing? Thomas Drake Railed Against the Dark Art of Surveillance at MoMA -- Video

Drake offered an eerie reminder about the direction he sees government surveillance going.

Jul 1 2013  Ruth Reader


Photographs Without Cameras: Going to Mars in Thomas Ruff's Bauhaus Spaceship

"I haven’t taken a photograph in a very, very long time."

Apr 12 2013 Ruth Reader